We, tinytop, in association are one of the manufacturers of Hydraulic Presses for Textile and Industrial Application / Hydraulic Power Packs / Modular Noise Control Enclosures for Gensets, as well as Special Purpose Machineries and Custom Built Equipment for various Applications.

   We have developed exceptionally strong technical base and our engineers are capable of developing any new custom built equipment to satisfy the needs of the customer.


  SURESH T. SHANKARAN and B.ANANDAPADMANABHAN two directors of the company having an experience of 25 years in the field of hydraulics and mechanical machines as well as involved in manufacturing of Hydraulic Presses and Hitech equipment's for Defense, Ground support equipment for aviation industry like High deck loaders for aircraft, Aircraft starting equipment, Air Conditioner unit, Self-propelled Battery chargers for MIG Aircraft starting etc.

With this experience, we have started this company as a partnership firm in 2000 and converted it to a Private Limited firm in 2013.

   During this span of 14 years we had done various projects and products for textile and Non textile and Heavy fabrications.

  We have a committed a team of 110 employees who are well trained in Heavy & Sheet metal fabrication, Hydraulics. Most of them are well trained in basic engineering and are committed to their job.

   With this strength of our team we are sure to establish ourselves to our customer’s expectations and we have great flexibility for service and improvements since we are basically Quality oriented people trained for maintaining high standards